Contact Anger Management London

To book an appointment or discuss further, contact Daren De Witt of Anger Management London initially by emailing him at the following address:


NB. Please replace [at] in the above address with this symbol: @

Unfortunately, due to issues with spam, we have needed to remove the contact form from this website.
Email is the best way to contact Daren initially.  Because of the number of calls that Daren receives, he usually lets calls go to his answerphone.  If you wish to talk with Daren before booking an anger management session, then it may be possible to arrange a phone call with him.

Daren will do his best to reply to you within 24 hours.  However, his workload fluctuates and he regularly receives more correspondence than he has time for.  If you haven’t heard from Daren within 48 hours, you are welcome to email him again to remind him of your enquiry.